Head of research and Design

I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1994, one of the years that Brazil won the soccer World Cup. But my interest was not so much in soccer – it has always been in film.

During my trip to Kenya, Africa, in 2013, I discovered the power of a camera. I was able to tell stories, stories which showed distant realities, which entertain and provide new insights to the receiver as well as to the protagonist.

While I was studying acting, I got to know what it felt to be an open book of emotions and also letting people in to my life, just like the kids in Africa did years back. I did not finish acting, I guess it wasn’t for me, but I just finished audiovisual design, with a project that reflects my journey till today. A documentary short film. Now working in Tantor Films im eager to keep on learning and contribute with design, social networks, production and in anything you need.

I might not be the Brazilian soccer team, but in everything I do, I try to do my best, just like them when they won the World Cup in 1994.