Ian Haudenschild has been working for over 10 years in the film and TV market, both in advertising and content, mainly with the Production Service for North American and European clients in Brazil but also with Brazilian clients filming in other 15 countries around the world in recent years.

He was an Executive Producer, with a number of production companies (such as Paradiso Films, Barry Co. and O2 Filmes), and in the last 3 years he has met as a freelance Production Director.

He specialized in project management, focused on the Operational - International area, with a strong emphasis on production solutions, through the creation of productive processes.  Besides focusing on crisis or emergency solutions, on productions.

An outstanding work was the video clip of singer Anitta "Get To Know Me" in partnership with DJ Alesso, filmed at the end of 2018, in the city of Los Angeles.

Another very important production was "Carnival" a commercial for Japanese Asahi beer. Considered one of the biggest days of filming ever done in Brazil, perhaps in Latin America. Over 250 film professionals involved with over 6,000 extras.

Many other advertising films for big clients like: Colgate-Palmolive, Heineken, Hershey, Red Bull, Gillette, Abbott, Santander, Almap, BBDO NYC, JWT, Y & R, DM9 DDB, Hakuhodo, Arnold Worldwide.

Was Director of Externas of Band's open TV show "CQC".

Producer of award-winning short films, among them: "B-Flat", a drama filmed in the Thar Desert, India by Mariana Youssef. And "Tatuape Mahal", a stop motion comedy film, (listed or awarded in Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Warsaw, Toronto International Film Festival and many others)

Performed in 10 feature films and many other TV Series (for HBO, Netflix, Universal, etc) in different stages of development, mainly in O2 Films as Executive Producer - Business Affairs.