Global Producer

Monica has been in production for over 25 years. She has worked with brands such as Anorak Films, Traktor, Smuggler, Anonymous Content, Prettybird, Skunk, Framestore, Stink, Radical Media, Doomsday, Superprime, The Sweetshop, among others. And with prestigious international clients such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Volskwagen, Chevrolet, Lexus, Gillette, Mercedes Benz, Gatorade, Pepsi, Mercedes, Adidas, Nike, Beats, Buchannan's, Vodafone, Lays, Pfizer, Amazon, booking.com, etc.

In her career, she has worked as a producer at GoodGate, in house producer at twenty four seven, PM and producer at foreign companies and she has done freelance work for companies such as Mamma Team and the Gang.

She has also worked with directors such as Bruce Hunt, Joachim Back, Max Malkin, Anh Vu, Matthäus Bussmann, Tom Whitehead, Johnny Green and Wally Pfister.

She is currently a bid producer for Tantorfilms and a major contributor to TantorEurope.